Stories of liberation
Stories of liberation

Stories of liberation

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Now Playing: When Lambs Become Lambs

Explore Kenya’s illegal ivory trade through two cousins: a poacher and a wildlife ranger, each on opposing sides of conservation.


Now Playing: The Exiles

In 1989, Choy began documenting the leaders of the Tiananmen Square democracy movement who had managed to flee China following the June 4th massacre. Choy's project was abandoned when funding ran out and has remained unseen and incomplete until now.


Now Playing: Peace Officer

About the increasingly militarized state of American police told through the story of a former sheriff whose own unit killed his son-in-law.

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California Typewriter

Delivering a thought-provoking view on the changing dynamic between humans and machines, director and three-time Grammy Award winner and nominee Doug Nichol explores the mythology attached to the classic typewriter.


Thomas Sowell's Common Sense In A Senseless World

Traces Thomas Sowell's journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of our era's most controversial economists.


The War On Whores

Is it anyone's business if consenting adults want to pay or accept money for sex? Sex worker and author Maggie McNeill tells her startling tale about the persecution of sex workers based on the false assumption that most of them are exploited victims of pimps and traffickers.


The Internet's Own Boy

A dynamic film that follows the devastating story of the the late Aaron Swartz (Reddit Co-Founder) and his battle with politics and the US justice system.

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